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    Mobile-First WordPress Redesign

    ACGI Software develops and delivers enterprise systems for associations, credentialing organizations and association management companies.

    The purpose of this project was to perform a full, mobile-friendly redesign of the ACGI Software website. ?We refreshed their existing content and graphical look in order to better connect with target personas and facilitate content management for internal teams at ACGI Software. ?In short, ACGI Software was looking to advance their online presence. ?So we created a brand new, cutting-edge, and easily-updatable website with the following features:

    1. Mobile-friendly (and mobile-first) responsive design, to work on devices of various size.
    2. A simple-to-use CMS system (customized WordPress) for updating site content, documents and downloads.
    3. Easy content entry so anyone can do it.
    4. Contact form submissions and/or service requests (customized Gravity Forms).
    5. Standards-compliant and accessible web standards and W3C validation.
    6. Website health and security monitoring to ensure a successful and safe transition to the new website.

    At the end of the project, we received this 5-star Google Review:

    If there was ever a company that resembled Stephen R. Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” in the flesh, it would hands down be WebMechanix. Every individual that our company came into contact with over the course of our website redesign exhibited those 7 habits and more.

    They never dealt with our proposed changes with “No” for an answer. It was always a “Yes, no problem” or it was “I’m sure there is a way, let me look into it further”. There was no request of ours that they were unable to fulfill and do so in a timely professional manner.

    We owe a big shout out to Levi for keeping not only his team on track, but for keeping our team on track as well. His guidance and insights were always helpfully and beneficial to the longevity of the project overall. Another shout out goes to Walt for understanding and developing all the various changes to our site.

    As a younger and less experienced staff member at my company, I also greatly appreciate the respect that Chris, Dave, Levi, and Walt showed me throughout the course of the project. Other companies are quick to disregard employees like myself, but this was not the case with WebMechainx. Thanks guys.

    As far as the actual website redesign is concerned, WebMechanix understood the overall goal of the project and approached it in a tactically precise manner. All steps of the project were explained early and in detail, leaving our team with a clear idea as to what was taking place when, why it was taking place, how it was taking place, and who was working on it. There was never a time when our team felt that we were “In the dark” about what was going on, so communication was top notch!

    If your organization is in the market for any of the services that WebMechanix provides, you’d be doing yourself, your company, and your constituents a disservice by passing them up.

    A big thank you to all WebMechanix staff involved!

    —Merrik Kressley, Interim Marketing Coordinator at ACGI Software

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